"Discovering God's Story"
ESL Investigative Bible Study for Adults

Class Format:
  - Conversation/Activity/Game/Ice-breaker (15')
  - Songs & Music {15')
  - Bible Study (40')
  - Memory verse (10')
  - Application Time (5')
  - Small group prayer/sharing (10')

Student workbooks (pdf)
  - Table of Contents for full 45 week course (Print on Back cover page)
  - Unit 1 (Green): Discovering God in the Beginning
  - Unit 2 (Lime): Discovering God through his dealings with a Family
  - Unit 3 (Purple): Discovering God through his dealings with a Nation
  - Unit 4 (Red): Discovering God through his Son
  - Unit 5 (Orange): Discovering God through Witnesses to Jesus

Piano Accompanyment for Songs (mp3) [Alphebetical List] [Listed by unit]

CD-ROM materials
  - Unit 1 CD Image: Burn to CD (Contains MP3 and WMV videos of the text and songs) (Big ZIP File,95MB)
  - Unit 1 CD Cover: Listing video and music (PDF)

Teacher Materials (pdf)
  - Teacher guide for Units 1 to 2
  - Teacher guide for Units 3 to 4
  - Name cards for student information
  - Sheet to list names of students in class and contact method

Continuing Studies
  - Email Message for Yuan Ze University (Taoyuan, Taiwan) Club
  - Yahoo Groups with calendar (Taoyuan, Taiwan) for Yuan Ze University Club

Contact us at: elss @ xiaotu dot com
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