www.xiaotu.ca\elss\music\ohp : transparencies for an overhead projector or song book
FilenameSong NameKey WordsNotes
DeepAndW.pdfDeep and Widedeep, wide, fountain1-1
DoLordOh.pdfDo Lord Oh Do Lordremember,beyond,horizon,home,sun  
GiveMeOi.pdfGive me oil in my lampoil,lamp,burning  
GodIsSoG.pdfGod is so goodGod, good1-2
GodMadeM.pdfGod made me God Bible  
HesAlive.pdfHe`s alive, He`s alive    
IAmSoGla.pdfI am so glad that Jesus loves    
IHaveThe.pdfI have the joy, joy, joy, down    
JesusBid.pdfJesus bids us shine with a pure    
JesusLov.pdfJesus Loves MeJesus, loves, me1-1
JesusWan.pdfJesus Wants me for a Sunbeam-2-7
KumBaYah.pdfKum Bah Yahcrying, praying, singing, laughing 2-3
LittChil.pdfJesus Loves the Little Children    
mazingma.pdfmazing, mazing, Yes amazing, From a w    
MyGodIsS.pdfMy God is so Bigbig,mighty,strong,river,mountain,hill3-7
OhBeCare.pdfOh Be Careful Little Eyeseyes, see, ears, hear, mouth, say1-6
OneDoorA.pdfOne Door and Only One, And yet    
PraisHim.pdfPraise Him, Praise Him, All you little    
SundayM.pdfSunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday    
TheBible.pdfThe B-I-B-L-Estand,alone,word,book  
ThisLitt.pdfThis Little of Minelittle,light,shine,hide,bushel,Satan,blow,'til  
Watermel.pdfWatermelon God`s good newswatermelon,juice,secretTune: are you sleeping?
WiseMan.pdfThe Wise Man built his housewise,foolish,rock,sand,stood firm,fell flat  
For Christmas...
AngelsWe.pdfAngels we have heard on high    
JoyToThe.pdfJoy to the World    
SilentNi.pdfSilent night, Holy night    
WeWishYo.pdfWe wish you a merry Christmas

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