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Journal (SCI) Publications

HoXL17.pdf2017 Xuan Long Ho, Po-Jui Chen, Wei-Yen Woon, Jonathon David White, Fluorescence lifetime, dipole orientation and bilayer polymer films,Chemical Physics Letters 686, 212-217 (2017/10/16) polymer
AsseA17.pdf2017Amanuel Assefa, Po-Jui Chen, Xuan Long Ho, Jonathon David White, On the potential of solid state LED strips utilizing an organic color converter for non-line of sight visible light communication, Optics Express 25,24242-24250 (2017/10/2)optics
WoonW17.pdf2017Yi-Zhe Hong, Wei-Huan Chiang, Hung-Chieh Tsai, Min-Chiang Chuang, Yan-Chien Kuo, Lo-Yueh Chang, Chia-Hao Chen, Jonathon-David White, Wei-Yen Woon,Local oxidation and reduction of graphene, Nanotechnology 28,395704 (2017/9/6)graphene
MaitG16.pdf2016Goutam Kumar Maity,Ashis Kumar Mandal, Nabin Baran Manik,Jonathon David White, All-optical TOAD based new binary sequence generator,Optical and Quantum Electronics, 48(6), 1-15 (2016) DOI: 10.1007/s11082-016-0604-0optics
ChenP16a.pdf2016Po-Jui Chen,Xuan Long Ho,Jonathon David White,Controlling photoluminescent emission from polymer membranes through the creation of local deformation zones,Applied Optics 55(3) 576-584 (January, 2016) doi: 10.1364/AO.55.000576polymer
WoonW15.pdf2015Hung-Chieh Tsai, Hung-Wei Shiu, Min-Chiang Chuang, Chia-Hao Chen, Ching-Yuan Su,Jonathon David White and Wei Yen Woon,Graphene reduction dynamics unveiled, 2D Materials 2, 031003 (6 August 2015)graphene
YangA14.pdf2014Kuo Sheng Shih, Chien Chung Chen, Po-Tsun Chen, Ya-Wei Yang, Jonathon D. White, Yu-Ming Chang, Arnold Chang-Mou Yang, Photoluminescence of MEH-PPV Brushes, Pancakes, and Free Molecules in Solutions and Dry States, ACS Photonics, 2015, 2 (1), pp 33-42 (December 3, 2014)Polymer
WoonW14.pdf2014Hsiao-Mei Chien, Min-Chiang Chuang, Hung-Chieh Tsai, Hung-Wei Shiu, Lo-Yueh Chang, Chia-Hao Chen, Sheng-Wei Lee, Jonathon David White, Wei-Yen Woon'On the nature of defects created on graphene by scanning probe lithography under ambient conditions, Carbon 80, 318-324 (December 2014) http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.carbon.2014.08.070Graphene
ChenP13a.pdf2013Po-Jui Chen, Meng-Kuan Wang, Jui-Hung Hsu, Arnold C. -M. Yang, Jonathon David White*, Observing and Modelling Light Propagation in Polymer Films, Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 143302 (March, 2013)Optics
YangA11.pdf2011Kuang-Po Tung, Chein-Chung Chen, Peiwei Lee, Yi-Wei Liu, Tzay-Ming Hong, Kuo Chu Hwang, Jiu Hung Hsu, Jonathan David White, Arnold Chang-Mou Yang*, Large Enhancements in Optoelectronic Efficiencies of Nano-plastically Stressed Conjugated Polymer Strands, ACS Nano 5(9), 7296-7302 (September, 2011)Polymer
LiMH11a.pdf2011Ming Hui Li, Hsin-Liang Chen, Yi-Fang Huang, Wei-Tsung Chuang, Yu-Ren Chen, Hung-Sheng Tsai, Oleg A. Semenikhin, Jonathon David White*, Increased Order and improved hole mobility in MEH-PPV thin films by removing shortest chains, Chemical Physics Letters 505, 100-105 (March,2011) )Polymer
LianJ10a.pdf2010J. J. Liang, J. H. Hsu, T. S. Lim and Jonathon David White*,Photophysics of Single PPV Derivative Polymers,Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society (Taipei) 57,459-468 (August, 2010)Polymer
LiTD10a.pdf2010Tai-De Li, Anto Regis Inigo, Wunshain Fann, Jonathon D. White*, Yi-Fang Huang and Pei-Kuen Wei,Development of a Controlled Environment Near-Field Optical Microscope for Organic Thin Film Studies,Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society (Taipei) 57, 469-477 (August, 2010)Optics
InigA10a.pdf2010A. R. Inigo* Y. F. Huang, J. D. White*, Y. S. Huang, W. S. Fann, K. Y. Peng and S. A. Chen, Review of Morphology Dependent Charge Carrier Mobility in MEH-PPV, Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society (Taipei) 57, 478-489 (August, 2010)Polymer
RassA09a.pdf2009Areefen Rassamesard, Yi-Fang Huang, Hsu-Yang Lee, Tsong-Shin Lim, Ming Chung Li, Jonathon David White*, Jose Hector Hodak*, Tanakorn Osotchan, K.Y.Peng, S.A.Chen, Jui-Hung Hsu, Michitoshi Hayashi, Wunshain Fann,Environmental Effect on the Fluorescence Lifetime and Quantum Yield of Single Extended Luminescent Conjugated Polymers. J. Phys. Chem C. 113, 18681-18688 (December, 2009)Polymer
HuanY09a.pdf2009Y. F. Huang, C. W. Chang, D.-M. Smilgies, U. S. Jeng, A. R. Inigo, J. D. White*, K. C. Li, T. S. Lim, T. D. Li, H. Y. Chen, S. A. Chen, W. C. Chen, W. S. Fann,Correlating Nanomorphology with Charge-Transport Anisotropy in Conjugated-Polymer Thin Films, Advanced Materials 21(29),2988-2993 (August, 2009)Polymer
HuanY09s.pdf2009Y. F. Huang et al, Supplementary MaterialPolymer
YangL09a.pdf2009L.-L. Yang, H.-Y. Lee, M.-K. Wang, X.-Y. Lin,K.-H. Hsu, Y.-R. Chang, W. Fann, J.D. White*, Real-time data acquisition incorporating high-speed software correlator for single-molecule spectroscopy, Journal of Microscopy, 234(3), Pt 3, 2009, pp. 302-310 (June, 2009)9
YangL09s.zip2009L.-L. Yang et al. Supplementary Material9
LianC07a.pdf2007Chou Fan Liang, Jonathon David White(50%)*, Yi Fang Huang,Wunshain Fann, Solvent mediated enhanced mobility of PPV films cast under the presence of a static electric field, Chemical Physics Letters 450, 61 ᄄC 64 (December, 2007)10
LianC07s.pdf2007Chou Fan Liang et al, Supplementary Material10
HuanY07a.pdf200711. Y. F. Huang, A. R. Inigo, C. C. Chang, K. C. Li, C. F. Liang, C. W. Chang, T. S. Lim, S. H. Chen, J. D. White(20%), U. S. Jeng, A. C. Su, Y. S. Huang, K. Y. Peng, S. A. Chen, W. W. Pai, C. H. Lin, A. R. Tameev, S. V. Novikov, A. V. Vannikov and W. S. Fann*, Nanostructure-dependent Vertical Charge Transport in MEH-PPV Films, Advanced Functional Materials 17(15) 2902-2910 (October, 2007)11
HuanY07s.pdf2007Y. F. Huang et al, Supplementary Material11
LimTS07a.pdf2007T.-S. Lim, J.-C. Hsiang, J. D. White(20%), J. H. Hsu, Y. L. Fan, K. F. Lin, and W. S. Fann*, Single short-chain conjugated polymer studied with optical spectroscopy: A donor-accepter system, Physical Review B 75, 165204 (April, 2007) [Selected for publication in the Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research (May, 2007) http://www.vjbio.org]12
LimTL06a.pdf2006T.L. Lim, C.W. Chang, A.R. Inigo, Y.F. Huang, J.D. White*, W. Fann, Comment on 'Enhancement of carrier mobility in MEH-PPV film prepared under presence of electric field' by Quanmin Shi [Chem. Phys. Lett. 425 (2006) 353], Chemical Physics Letters 432, 564-565 (December, 2006)13
LianJ06a.pdf2006Jun-Jih Liang, J. D. White, Y. C. Chen, C. F. Wang W. Y. Sun, J. H. Hsu, W. S. Fann*, K. Y. Peng, S. A. Chen, Heterogeneous energy landscapes of individual luminescent conjugated polymers, Physical Review B 74(8), 085209 (August, 2006). [Selected for publication in the Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research (September,2006) http://www.vjbio.org] 14
InigA05b.pdf2005Anto Regis Inigo, Chia Cheng Chang, Wunshain Fann*, Jonathon David White (75%),Ying-Sheng Huang, U-Ser Jeng, Hwo Shuenn Sheu, Kang-Yung Peng and Show-An Chen,Enhanced hole mobility in poly(2-methoxy-5-(2 '-ethylhexoxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene) by elimination of nanometer-sized domains (vol 17, pg 1835, 2005), Adv. Mat 17, 2147 (September, 2005) , Adv. Mat 17, 2147-2147 (September, 2005)15
InigA05a.pdf2005Anto Regis Inigo, Chia Cheng Chang, Wunshain Fann*, Jonathon David White,Ying-Sheng Huang, U-Ser Jeng, Hwo Shuenn Sheu, Kang-Yung Peng and Show-An Chen,Enhanced hole mobility in poly(2-methoxy-5-(2 '-ethylhexoxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene) by elimination of nanometer sized domains, Adv. Mat 17, 1835-1838 (August,2005)16
ChonS05a.pdf2005S. Y. Chong*, M. K. Tan, J. D. White, Observing the Evolution of Neural Networks Learning to Play the Game of Othello, Evolutionary Computation, IEEE Transactions on, 9(3), 240-251 (June, 2005)17
SunWY05a.pdf2005W.-Y. Sun, S.-C, Yang, J. D. White* (30%), J.-H. Hsu, K. -Y. Peng, S. A. Chen, W. S. Fann*, Conformation and Energy Transfer in a Single Luminescent Conjugated Polymer, Macromolecules 38(7), 2966-2973 (March, 2005) 18
SimKS05a.pdf2005K. S. Sim*, J. D. White, New technique for in-situ measurement of backscattered and secondary electron yields for the calculation of signal-to-noise ratio in a SEM, Journal of Microscopy-Oxford 217(3), 235-240 (March, 2005)19
LianJ04z.pdf2004Liang JJ, White JD, Chen YC, Wang CF, Sun WY, Hsu JH, Fann W Chain length dependent energy transfer in single PPV derivative luminescent polymers during photo-bleaching. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 228: U266-U266 439-PHYS Part 2 AUG 22 2004*
WhitJ04z.pdf2004White JD, Liang JJ, Sun WY, Su SC, Hsu JH, Lim TL, Wang CF, Chen YC, Fann W, Conformation and effective conjugation length in single short and long chain luminescent conjugated polymers. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 228: U282-U282 550-PHYS Part 2 AUG 22 2004*
ChenG03a.pdf2003Guanghua Cheng, Yishan Wang, J. D. White, Qing Liu, Wei Zhao, and Guofu Chen, Demonstration of high-density three-dimensional storage in fused silica by femtosecond laser pulses,J. Appl. Phys. 94, 1304-1307 (August, 2003)20
ChenG03b.pdf2003Guang-Gua Cheng, J. D. White, Qing Liu, Yi-Shan Wang, Wei Zhao, Guo-Fu Chen, Microstructure on Surface of LiNbO3:Fe Induced by a Single Ultra-Short Laser Pulse, Chinese Physics Letters 20, 1283-1285 (March, 2003)21
WhitJ03a.pdf2003J. D. White, S.C. Su, W. Y. Sun, J. H. Hsu, W. S. Fann, Insights into the photo-physics of single luminescent conjugated polymers of PPV derivatives using single molecule techniques, Synthetic Metals 137, 1493-1494 (April,2003)22
WangC03a.pdf2003C. F. Wang, J. D. White, T. L. Lim, J. H. Hsu, S. C. Yang, W. S. Fann, K. Y. Peng, S. A. Chen, Illumination of Exciton Migration in Rod-Like Luminescent Conjugated Polymers by Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Phys. Rev. B, 67, 035202-1 - 035202-8 (March, 2003)23
WhitJ02a.pdf2002J. D. White, J. H. Hsu, C. F. Wang, Y. C. Chen, R. C. Hxiang, S. C. Su, W. Y. Sun, W. S. Fann, Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society (Taipei), 49, 669-676 (2002)24
SunWY02a.pdf2002Wen-Yu Sun, Jui-Hung Hsu, Shu-Chun Yang, J. D. White, Wun-shain Fann, Single-Molecule Fluorescence of Long-Chain DOO-PPV Conjugated Polymers Prepared by Different Oxygen Reducing Methods, J. Lumin. 98, 41-44 (2002)25
WhitJ02b.pdf2002J. D. White, W. Y. Sun, S. C. Su, J. H. Hsu, T. L. Lim, W. S. Fann, On Sealing Effects and Oxygen Dependence of Non-Recoverable Intensity Drops in Short Chain Conjugated Polymers, J. Lumin. 98, 45-48 (2002)26
WhitJ01b.pdf2001J. D. White, J.H. Hsu, W. S. Fann, Shu-Chun Yang, G. Y Pern, S. A. Chen, Deduction of the conformation of short chain luminescent conjugated polymers from single molecule photophysics, Chem. Phys. Lett. 338, 263-268 (2001)27
WhitJ01a.pdf2001J. D. White, J. H. Hsu, Shu-Chun Yang and W. S. Fann, Observation of Multiple Step De-excitation in Luminescent Single Conjugated Polymers, J. Chem. Phys. 114, 3848-3852 (2001)28
PoloV99a.pdf1999Vitali V. Polonski, Yoh Yamamoto, Jonathon D. White, Motonobu Kourogi, Motoichi Ohtsu, Vacuum Shear Force Microscopy : Application to High Resolution Work, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. Pt 2, 38, L826-L829 (1999)29
BaiYL99a.pdf1999 Y. Bai, J. D. White, G. Zhang, G. Chen, X. Hou, Simple and convenient nonoptical shear force sensor for shear force and near-field optical microscopes, Appl. Phys. Lett. 75, 2731-2733 (1999)30
ZvyaA97a.pdf1997A. V. Zvyagin, J. D. White, M. Kourogi, M. Kozuma, M. Ohtsu, Solution to the bistability problem in shear force distance regulation encountered in scanning force and near field optical microscopes, Appl. Phys. Lett., 71, 2541-2543 (1997)31
ZvyaA97b.pdf1997A. V. Zvyagin, J. D. White, M. Ohtsu, Near-field optical microscope image formation: a theoretical and experimental study, Opt. Lett. 22, 955-957 (1997)32
1995 became Associate Professor
WhitJ93a.pdf1993Jonathon D. White, John Reid,Optically pumped NH3 as a high gain amplifier for CO2 laser radiation,IEEE J. Quantum Electron. 29, 201-206 (January, 1993)33
WhitJ93b1993Jonathon D. White, John Reid, Efficient NH3 laser operation in the 16- to 21-um region, Applied Optics 32, 2053-2057 (1993)34
WhitJ90b1990J. D. White, D. M. Bruce, P. H. Beckwith, J. Reid, Efficient Optically Pumped NH3 Amplifiers in the 10-12 um Region, Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics 50, 345-354 (1990)35
WhitJ90a1990J. D. White, A. Chakrabarti, J. Reid, High Power, High Efficiency Optically Pumped NH3 Lasers, Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics 51, 371-373 (1990)36


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