Polymer Simulation [中 文]

Introduction: Alan Heeger (Nobel Prize Chemistry, 2000) demonstrated that a certain class of polymers -- conjugated polymers -- can behave as metals, insulators or semiconductors. By modifying the side chains, these polymers can emit red, blue or green light. Such polymers are leading candidates for the active media in flat panel displays and organic LEDs. While much effort has been devoted to device manufacturing very little is known about energy transfer and photo-physics on a molecular scale. While the limited lifetime of manufactured devices is clearly related to oxygen quenching on a molecular level, the mechanism remains undetermined. Electron transport properties have been seen to vary greatly in thin films that appear to be identical both micro- and macroscopically. By using advanced optical techniques (Near-field Spectroscopy, Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Time-of-flight measurements, X ray microscopy) coupled with Monte Carlo computer simulations, we hope to propose schemes on a molecular level to make this type of device more oxygen resistant. (Note: in collaboration with Prof. Fann Wunshain at Academia Sinica)

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