Software Engineering

Subject Code: ECP2062
Objective: To provide the students with a understanding of theoretical and practical foundation of software engineering.
Pre-requisite: ECP1022: Program Design
Credit Hours: 3
Contact Hours: 30 hours of Lectures
15 hours of Assignments/Tutorials
  • IVAN Jacobson, "Object Oriented Software Engineering", Addision Wesley, 1992.
  • Roger S. Pressman, "Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach", 3rd ed., McGraw Hill, 1992.
  • Andrew Topper et. Al., "Structure Methods: Merging Models, Techniques and CASE", McGraw Hill, 1992.
  • Ian Sommerville, "Software Engineering", 4th ed., Addision Wesley, 1992.

Course Contents

Faculty of Engineering
Multimedia University

last updated: 5 July 1999