Circuit Theory and Field Theory

Subject Code: ECT1012
Objective: To provide a basic understanding of the laws of circuit theory and the behavior of circuits during steady-state and transient conditions;
To provide a basic understanding of the basic laws of electromagnetic field in the engineering context.
Pre-requisite: --
Credit Hours: 4
Contact Hours: 45 hours of Lectures
15 hours of Assignments/Tutorials
Lecturer: --
Tutor: --
Total Students: --
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  • Ralph J. Smith: "Circuits, Devices and Systems", Wiley.
  • Franco: "Electric Circuits Fundamentals", Sanders.
  • R. Yorks: "Electrical Circuit Theory", Pergamon.
  • S. Madhu, "Linear Circuit Analysis", Prentice-Hall.
  • F.F. Kuo: "Network Analysis and Synthesis", Wiley.
  • S. Seeley, "Introduction to Electromagnetic"
  • S.V. Marshall and G.G. Skitek, "Electromagnetic Concepts and Applications"
  • D.H. Staelin, A.W. Morgenthaler, and Jin-Au Kong, "Electromagnetic Waves"
  • H.P. Neff Jr., "Introductory Electromagnetic"

Course Contents (Circuit Theory)

Course Contents (Field Theory)

Laboratory (Circuit Theory)

Laboratory (Field Theory)

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