My Teaching Experience

Yuan Ze University, Taoyuan,Taiwan (2004 - date)

Books (Links)

Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia (1999-2003)

  1. Introduction to Field Theory (ect1012, ect1026)
  2. Physical Electronics (een2056)
  3. Program Design in C (ecp1022, ecp1016)
  4. Data Structures & Algorithms using ANSI-C (ecp1032, ecp1026) Co-authored the textbook currently used
  5. Software Engineering (ecp2062)
  6. Java Technology (using J2SDK) (ecp2182)

Early Career

  1. In Japan -- as a visiting researcher
    • Introduction to Western Culture
  2. In China -- as a foreign expert
    • Laser Physics (taught in Chinese for Graduate students)
    • Technical English (for Graduate students)
  3. In Taiwan -- as an Assoc. Prof. at Asian International University
    • Introduction to Computer Science
    • Oral English

Growing up in Canada

  • As a high school student
    • Swimming
    • Canoeing [Test]
    • Wilderness Survival
  • As a university student
    • Computer Science (Tutor -- starting my 2nd year of university!)
  • As a graduate student
    • Engineering Mathematics I (Tutor)
    • Physics I (Tutor)
    • Chemistry I (Tutor)
    • Computer Science (Tutor)
Jonathon David White  – With a Servant’s Heart – 白小明