光學 Optics

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課程名稱 Name: 光學實驗(一/二)Optics Lab (1/2) & 書報討論 Seminar
課號 Codes: yzu-eo211 & yzu-eo212 & yzu-eo502
課程目標: 使學生對已習得之基礎光學及應用光學知識,佐以實驗,更能融會貫通;並在爾後作研究時,能夠充分運用此實驗知識及技術.
Objective 1: To understand the fundamentals of optics and applied optics thoroughly with the help of optical experiments,
Objective 2: To gain experimental knowledge and technique necessary for future research.

光學實驗 Experiments in Optics

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1 (yzu-eo211)

2 (yzu-eo212)

Bench # Name
1 7 傅立葉光學 Fourier optics [Theory]   [Experiment]   [Worksheet]
2 5 麥克森(一)Michelson interferometer 1: Build from Kit [Theory]   [Experiment]   [Worksheet]
3 6 麥克森(二) Michelson interferometer 2: Build from Optical Components [Experiment]   [Worksheet]
4 1 雷射的特性 Laser (Coherant) Light's Special Characteristics [Theory]   [Experiment/Worksheet]
5 2 狹縫繞射 Slit Diffraction [Theory: Single Slit]   [Theory: Double Slit]   [(Alt Ref)]   [Experiment/Worksheet]
6 3 圓形邊緣繞射 Circular Aperture Diffraction [Theory]   [Theory: Fresnel vs Fraunhofer Zones]   [Experiment/Worksheet]]
7 4 光的偏極化 Polarization [Theory]   [Experiment]   [Worksheet]
8 8 光柵分光儀 Grating spectrometer [Theory]   [Experiment/Worksheet]
9 9 牛頓環 Newton's rings [Theory]   [Experiment/Worksheet]
10 10 光碟片繞射實驗 Diffraction from CD & Spectrum Observation [Theory]   [Theory: Gas Lamp]   [Experiment]   [Worksheet]

書報討論 Seminar (yzu-eo502) Evening Section

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