L3 前考 Pre-Test

準備 Preparation

考驗 Test

  1. 坐在你的學生號碼的最後兩位數字的電腦前。如果您不是本組的學生,選擇一個電腦大於70。
  2. 確認電腦沒有問題。如果有問題,選擇一個電腦大於70。
  3. 關掉你的手機電話。
  4. 登錄到您的MasteringPhysics帳戶
  5. 開放考試 : PRE1-Newton
  6. 輸入密碼 ●●●●●●
  7. 寫完論文 : PRE1-Newton
  8. 寫完論文(4部分): PRE1-全部
  9. 回家
  1. Sit in front of the computer corresponding to last 2 digits of your ID. (Repeat students: use computer > 70)
  2. Make sure computer is working. If not, choose a computer > 70
  3. Put your handphone away.
  4. Log onto MasteringPhysics
  5. Click on PRE1-Newton
  6. Enter the password ●●●●●●
  7. Complete test: PRE1-Newton
  8. Complete all 4 parts: PRE1-Newton, PRE1-Energy, PRE1-Rotations, PRE1-Waves,
  9. Go Home!


拋尸 Post Mortum:

Last Overall Performance

Pretest 1 Histo 直方圖1 Pretest 2 Histo 直方圖2
Pretest 3 Histo 直方圖3 Pretest 4  Histo 直方圖4
Pretest 1 Histo Total 直方圖
Kinematics/Newton: 52%     Rotation: 16%     Energy: 34%      Waves: 18%
Comments: Students did quite well on 1 and 2 D Kinematics and Newton. The biggest problem seems to be the section of rotations and oscillations. We will spend additional time on this section. I would encourage students to work hard and get a good mark on the first milestone.

Individual Performance

Total Points
Use grading tab on main page to see which sections of the paper your did poorly.

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