L11 Dynamics: Motion in Plane


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Homework Review: Sample Problems

  1. Visualize...(picture/graphs)
  2. Coord system/unknowns
  3. Assumptions
  4. Interaction Diagram
  5. Free Body Diagrams
  6. Solve (⌛)
Pr 7.16 The cable cars in San Francisco are pulled along their tracks by an underground steel cable that moves along at 15km/hr. The cable is driven by large motors at a central power station and extends, via an intricate pulley arrangement, for several miles beneath the city streets. The length of a cable stretches by up to 100 ft during its lifetime. To keep the tension constant, the cable passes around a 1.5 m diameter "tensioning pulley" that rolls back and forth on rails, as shown in the figure. A m = 2000 kg block is attached to the tensioning pulley's cart, via a rope and pulley, and is suspended in a deep hole. What is the tension in the cable car's cable?

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