L19 轉動 Rigid Body Rotation


  1. MS2(Energy): Results(104), Preparation(106)
  2. Review: Kinematics (PHET)
  3. Key Point: Inertia
  4. Inertia Demo: Students (Linear & Rotational)
  5. Conservation of Angular Momentum (3.5') Bicycle Wheels & Tippe Tops
  6. Lecture Slides
  7. PHET: Torque Inertia, Angular Momentum

INERTIA 主要概念:慣性

  • Resistance to Change 改變的阻力 Gǎibiàn de zǔlì
  • Defn: the tendency of a body to preserve its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force (ref: Dictionary.com)
  • Physics 1st use: 1713 Johann Kepler 約翰·克普勒 (开普勒)(German astronomer, physician)
  • Inertial Mass (m): Ability of an object to resist a change in translational motion (Scalar)
  • Moment of Inertia (I): Ability of an object to resist a change in its rotational motion (Tensor)

View Graphs: Rigid Body Rotation (Knight Chapter 12 to Slide 100)

(Julius Sumner Miller)

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