L22=MS#3 Rotations & Oscillations

準備 Preparation

考驗 Test

A Paper

  1. 座位: Sit in your assigned seat
  2. Fill in your name and student number on the front page.
  3. Watch the demonstration.
  4. Complete the test paper.
  5. Turn test over on desk (Name facing up!)
  6. Go quietly to computer room.
paper page 1
TEST QUESTION: The Hamilton Waterworks was designed by Thomas Coltrin Keefer and built by the City of Hamilton in 1856-1859. Its purpose was to deliver large quantities of clean water for safe drinking and fire control to the rapidly expanding city. Two Engines pumped the water from the lake to the top of the escarpment to allow gravity feeding to the inhabitants of the city.

B & C Electronic

  1. 坐在你的學生號碼的最後兩位數字的電腦前。如果您不是本組的學生,選擇一個電腦大於70。
  2. 確認電腦沒有問題。如果有問題,選擇一個電腦大於70。
  3. 關掉你的手機電話。
  4. 登錄到您的MasteringPhysics帳戶
  5. 開放考試 : MS#3
  6. 輸入密碼 ●●●●●●
  7. 寫完論文: MS#3 & MS#3A
  8. 回家
  1. Sit in front of the computer corresponding to last 2 digits of your ID. (Repeat students: use computer > 70)
  2. Make sure computer is working. If not, choose a computer > 70
  3. Put your handphone away.
  4. Log onto MasteringPhysics
  5. Click on MS#3
  6. Enter the password ●●●●●●
  7. Complete test: MS#3 & MS#3-adaptive
  8. Note: The adaptive followup for BONUS points is due Tomorrow!
  9. Go Home!


拋尸 Post Mortum:

  • 一般評論 General Comments; Better than last time! Good.
  • Paper; Key errors: Units?, Sig. Figs.? Think? (0.5 litres? that huge pump?)
  • 獎項 Awards:
    • 銅牌
    • 銀牌
    • 金牌
    • 愛迪生牌(未來教授)
  • 個人分数
  • 個人分数 加油!
  • Test Paper Discussion.
Milestone 3 Histogram 直方圖

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