L27 PBL Waves Optical

Lab Demonstration (R70401)

  • circular diffraction
  • slit diffraction
  • interference + diffraction (double slit)

Demo Models: Particle and Wave from Energy and Mass Transfer Perspective

Particle Model
(Energy + Mass Transferred)
Wave Model
(Energy, No Mass Transferred)
  • Point (m, vcm)
  • Extended Body (I, ω)
  • Longitudinal
  • Transverse

PBL: Waves: Diffraction & Interference

"No one has ever been able to define the difference between interference and diffraction satisfactorily. It is just a question of usage, and there is no specific, important physical difference between them. The best we can do, roughly speaking, is to say that when there are only a few sources, say two, interfering, then the result is usually called interference, but if there is a large number of them, it seems that the word diffraction is more often used." (Feynman lecture 30)
  1. Move to Computer Lab
  2. 打開這個網頁 Goto:
  3. 下載 Download Worksheet 題目 [PDF] & 印出來 Print
  4. 執行模擬器,回答問題(可問助教) Click on English Text to run a simulation. Based on the simulation, fill in the worksheet. (Discuss with TA when needed)
  5. 2到3人一組,討論並完成題目 After finishing, discuss with your small group (2 or 3 students/group).
  6. 一人繳交一份題目 Each person should hand in one set of worksheets.

Wave Interference
Interference / Diffraction

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