Lecture Style (2 hr/class)


pretest(); /* Find out what you already know! */

for(iUnit=1; iUnit<=tUnit; iUnit++)teachUnit();  /* total 4-5 units */

void teachUnit(){ /* Each unit is 3-4 Chapters of Text*/
    Class-(1b) PBL About Main Topics of iUnit
    x =firstChapterInUnit;
    while(x <= lastChaptersInUnit){ 
        (online) Assign Pre-Lecture Homework for Chapter x 
        /*  Student reads Ch. x and does prereading Howework*/
        Class-(a) Take up Ch. x-1 Post-Homework or PBL
        Class-(b) Lecture on Ch. x (1 or 2 days)
        (online) Assign Post-Homework for Ch. x
        /*  Student Completes ch. x Homework*/
    Class-(1a) Work out Selected Homework from Ch x
    /*Class-(b)  PBL for iUnit+1 scheduled here*/
    Class-(a+b) Milestone Test for (iUnit)
Generally the PBL for the next unit is placed before the Milestone for the previous unit so students have a chance to study for the milestone.
Results (before) 1042 School Year: Pass 41 Fail 31 average 56
Results (after) 1062 School year Pass 57 Fail 20 average 68
Two conclusions: 106 students are better on average than 104 students? Or teaching method improves results....
Jonathon David White – With a Servant’s Heart – 白小明