(ne07) PBL Batteries, Circuits & Capacitors

在這個單元,你要處理基本電子在三個不同物理學領域的模擬實驗,在你開始作答問題前,玩玩看每個模擬實驗,熟悉每個模擬實驗的操作,並利用這些模擬來回答問題。下面的模擬往只是英文版的,點進去後你可以在網頁下方找到不同語言的版本,點選執行。 In this problem based activity (PBL) unit, you will perform virtual experiments with three different public domain simulations dealing with applications of basic physics to electric capacitors and electric circuits. Before you start answering the questions, play with each simulation. Get familiar with each of the different effects and buttons of the animations. Where there are tabs, utilize them.

  1. 打開這個網頁 Open:
  2. 下載工作表 & 印出來 Print
  3. 執行模擬器,回答問題(可問助教) Run the simulations to answer the questions. (Ask TA if you need help.)
  4. 2到3人一組,討論並完成題目 Discuss your answers with your small group (2 or 3 students/group).
  5. 一組繳交一份題目,寫上組別成員學號及姓名 Hand in the papers as a group.

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Cap Lab Basics
Capacitor Lab
Circuit Construction Kit DC
Battery Voltage Capacitor Lab: Basics Circuit Const. Kit DC

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