(ne09) Drawing Q, E & V

Charges and Fields
Fields and Potentials Hand-Drawing Practice Set 1 Hand-Drawing Practice Set 2

Steps in Using Simulation

  1. Place charges on the screen.
  2. Observe the e-field vectors
  3. Use the tool to draw equi-potential lines
  4. Write the value of the potential [V] on each line
  5. Add sensors to get net force on and acceleration for +-ve charge in a few places

Examples to play

  1. single negative charge
  2. single positive charge
  3. dipole (positive + negative) charge
  4. triangle of negative charges
  5. triangle of positive charges (ion trap)
  6. line of charge

Key Points to concern

Electric field Lines

  1. Start at a positive charges
  2. End at a negative charges
  3. Separation between lines reflects the strength of the field.
    (closer together → stronger field)
  4. Electric field lines must have arrows on them to show direction

Equi-potential Lines

  1. Perpendicular (⟂) to the electric field lines
  2. No direction.
  3. Potential at infinity assumed zero.
  4. closer together → greater change in potential

Fill in Hand-out

  1. Using the simulation as an aid, please complete electric and potential lines for each of the pictures.
  2. Hand in at the begining of next class for opportunity to try Milestone 2 again.

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