Lecture Style (2 hr/class)

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課程名稱 Name: 普通物理(一/二)General Physics (1/2)
課號 Codes: yzu-eo101 & yzu- eo102
課程目標: 為了獲得在準備高級課程的基本物理學的理解
Objective: To gain an understanding of basic physics in preparation for advanced courses.

pretest(); /* Student: You can find out what you already know! */
Lecture- PBL About Main Topics of 1st Unit
for(i=1; i < = units; i++){

void teach_unit(){
    /* Student Completes Pre-Reading Homework for Chapter X */
    for(x=A; x < = A; x++){ /* generally A=3 || 4 */
        Lecture-(a) Take up Ch. X-1 Post-Homework or PBL
        Lecture-(b) Lecture on Ch. X (1 or 2 days)
        /* Student completes Post-Lecture Homework for Ch. X*/
    Lecture-(a) Take up Chapter X Homework(Selected)
    Lecture-(b) PBL About Main Topics of Next Unit
    Lecture- Milestone Test
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