T-L01 PBL Playing w/ Thermodynamics

在這個單元,你要處理基本 熱力學的模擬實驗。在你開始作答問題前,玩玩看每個模擬實驗,熟悉每個模擬實驗的操作,並利用這些模擬來回答問題 In this activity, you will perform virtual experiments with a public domain physics simulation dealing with Thermodynamics (relations between heat and mechanical energy or work). Before you start answering the questions, play with each simulation. Get familiar with each of the different effects and buttons of the animations. Where there are tabs, utilize them. Use both Chinese and English versions so you can learn the English Vocabulary

  1. 打開這個網頁 Goto:
  2. 下載 Download Worksheet 題目 [PDF] & 印出來 Print
  3. 執行模擬器,回答問題(可問助教) Click on English Text to run a simulation. Based on the simulation, fill in the worksheet. (Discuss with TA when needed)
  4. 2到3人一組,討論並完成題目 After finishing, discuss with your small group (2 or 3 students/group).
  5. 一組繳交一份題目,寫上組別成員學號及姓名 Each group should hand in one set of worksheets.
  6. During the PBL you are asked to view a Video on Youtube teaching you about phase diagrams. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/ejg27ozbPA8

States of Matter
Gas Properties
States of Matter (English) Gas Properties (English)

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